Feb 012013

In mid-December, shortly before the statue was removed, a FOIL request was put in with DCAS for all records related to the plans to move Civic Virtue, and communications with all other agencies and private parties involved.

As we expected, DCAS initially attempted to wear us down bureaucratically by ignoring the request. We were unfazed. Fully prepared for this eventuality, state-level government was consulted to determine DCAS’ eligibility to be appealed, which we can confirm DCAS has by now received. DCAS now has an NYS-mandated deadline of 10 business days to respond to the appeal in order to produce the requested records.

The request clearly asks for all communications between DCAS or other city agencies, and Green-Wood cemetery or other agencies contracted or considered for contract, pertaining to the removal of Triumph of Civic Virtue from the grounds of Borough Hall.

We thank The Daily News for continuing to report on the effort.

Stay tuned for the latest developments…

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